Well as you can probably see the photo is my Family. I am in my early 20’s years old and work in the IT Cloud/Virtualisation sector, at the moment employed by a FTSE100 airline company. I have worked through the ranks starting my IT career when I was around 14 doing work experience at school as we all did, I then worked 2 summer holidays (6 weeks) at the same place working on Windows Vista roll-outs. Once I completed college I called back at this company and they offered me an apprentice role. From there I went onto work as a Desktop Engineer more local. I worked at this company for over 3 years achieving multiple rewards and promotions leaving as a Technical Services Analyst. I then ventured to a utilities company for over a year where I received most of my AWS knowledge and experienced ALOT of troubleshooting. I am now where I am today as a cloud focused Infrastructure Engineer with a major airline company.

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