AWS Volume ID from Instance Name Tag

NOTE – For this script to work your instances must have a unique name tag. I use this tag for machine host-names. This script is to identify all attached volume ID’s from a single instance Name Tag within AWS Powershell. The sections below describe the action of script sections Import AWS Powershell module (needs to […]

AWSCLi – Create Snapshot and Delete oldest snapshot for 1 Volume

This script was created by my brother Scott Prudence and I, this snapshot’s 1 specific volume then once the snapshot is completed the script then removes the oldest snapshot. This is a way of implementing a weekly snapshot of a single volume within AWS.   NOTE – Change the VOLUMEID variable from vol-xxxxxx to your volume ID […]


Format-List is a very useful command throughout the Powershell based applications which I use every day. Command | Format-List This command gives you a list of all the attributes against the object you run it against. This is extremely useful if you are unsure on an attribute, see my example below where I want to know all the attributes […]

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